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Integrated machine of decoding management platform, introduced by JFTECH. 

Model name: JF-DEC8512-6054P.

Features: Based on Intel CPU, adopt X86 structure, high performance; integrated both platform management, decoding display and splicing control into one machine, which supports IPC, NVR, DVR and other devices to be decoded on the wall.

1.The integrated video management platform combined with MYEYE, which enables the management access to IPC, NVR, DVR and can set the whole system’s parameters, such as the cameras, storage strategies, electronic maps and the users access etc.

The integrated video management platform-MYEYE

2.Support H.264 and H.265 decode function, compatible with the popular protocols and the ONVIF protocol, decode HD video signals on the wall; support HDMI 1080P with 6 channels output, and 6 monitors stitched together to display; integrated with multi-functions, such as stitching processor, video matrix, PTZ control and analog LED scrolling text; what’s more, this platform can also support playing back recorded videos. 
Interface of decoding on the wall

3.JFTECH has upgraded a new UI for this platform, making the user interface more easier to operate. Just do as the following steps to decode videos on the wall:
Step one: Connected devices and power on;
Step two: Login device on IE browser, and set the network parameters and connect devices to server;
Step three: Open the server management platform- MYEYE to add devices and set different users’ authorities;
Step four: Open matrix interface to decode video on the wall.
New user interface

4.Adopt metal wire-drawing to enhance the panel texture; the design of front panel facilities user to insert USB after the rack installed; the independent power switch designed to increase both the device service life and safety.
Product appearance, both front panel and back panel

Our multi-functional platform has the advantages of cost-effectivity compared to market, more flexible, more compatible and stable, and also provides economic solution to greatly save engineering cost, which can be widely used both in communities, buildings, campus, hotels, stadiums and other monitoring sites.
Topology of connection

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