Profile - Development History

Oct.    The first DVR3008E-S releases, series 3000 starts


Jan.    Series 3000 steps into growth stage.The economic solution DVR3004A-S releases with first assembly coding function in domestic, MJPEG ends


Jun.    The series 5000 developed fast, it provided DVR solution from low class to high class


Jun.    IPC releases with solution from 30W to 200W, including indoor bullet series, IR water proof bullet series, IR half dome series, Whelk series, home use robot series, card camera

Aug.    Series 5000 HVR releases, small volume to middle volume management platform Myeye release

Oct.    Series 5000 with 4/8 ch 960H HD DVR releases


Jun.    Leap in technology, leading product, ushering in the era of DVR4.0 6000 Series full listing; Launch the standard HD iDVR DVR4.0 system 6000 series of products, with HD, intelligent, hybrid, cloud monitoring together, have achieved great development in tech, leading the security industry

Aug.    Launch single-channel digital HD HD-SDI+D1/960H hybrid product, supporting DVR4.0

Oct.    Launch a multi-channel digital high-definition HD-SDI DVR、intelligent IPC, digital HD-SDI, camera HDC

Nov.    Launch 650 line analog cameras JAC

Dec.    Launch professional network NVR, LCD all-in-one, vehicle-mounted MVR


Feb.    Divided into six major product lines. Traditional monitoring production line, Network monitoring product line, Digital surveillance product line, Professional monitoring product line, Home monitoring product line, Industry monitor product line

Mar.    Release embedded USB DVR, the original plug-in storage video. The world\'s first smallest 4-channel D1 DVR (a hand size) DVR5004S-S. Subsequently launched the upgraded product DVR6004S-S

Jul.    Release the creative new product “S1 Cloud Box”. As a home multi-media and monitoring center, could achieve the perfect combination of network set-top box with the NVR

Sep.    Release variety 700TVL / 1000TVL HD DIS analog cameras

Oct.    Release 6000 series Car DVR products to enrich the automotive product line

Oct.    Release Home HD Network Kit. Including front-end IPC, household NVR and supporting power cat, without network cable, no WIFI support, quick and easy installation Family

Oct.    Release Switch / Poe NVR, support network cable directly-connected with the front-IPC, Poe network power supply , achieve fool-docking, facilitate construction

Nov.    Release varied type of 720P High definition HD-SDI digital camera and HD-SDI DVR

Nov.    Release another innovative new product“R1 cloud guard” Support high definition monitor, Cell phone two way intercom and remote monitor, lullaby play, video analytics, match S1 cloud box

Dec.    Release 7000 series NVR based on Hi3535,better performance and functionality


Jan.    Network camera comprehensive upgrade,lightning proof, support audio and intelligent analytics

Mar.    Release analog high definition AHD series,perfect beyond traditional analog camera

Aug.    Release Autofocus camera series,1.3MP and 2MP IPC

Oct.    Release smart household device:home security cameras, set-top box etc

Dec.    Release AHD coaxial high definition dome camera,involve 1MP、2MP


Apr.    Release manage/transfer/storage trinity server

May.    Launch intelligent consumer products such as automobile data recorder, smart socket and smart bulb, etc

Jun.    Launch the newest efficient compression algorithm, H.265, front-back product solutions

Aug.    Launch 360°HD Fisheye IPC, Omni-directional monitor without blind angle

Oct.    Launch supporting QQ product, supporting monitor by QQ

Oct.    All-round upgraded AHD and launch HD 2 Megapixel product and multi-channel DVR

Dec.    Launch the new format concept AHD-NH (1080N, resolution 960*1080)


Jan.    Launch kinds of front-back product with GM DSP including 4/8 channel DVR and 1/1.3 Megapixel consumer cameras

Mar.    Launch omnipotence sport camera with H.265 and quickly boot within 0.6 seconds

Apr.    Launch industry product line including IPC, NVR and NVS, etc

May.    Launch full-sealing technology, make precision product totally

Jun.    Launch 5 in 1 ADVR, supporting AHD/CVI/TVI/CVBS/IP switchable

Jul.    Launch 3/4 Megapixel AHD, make AHD even better

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